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Jeff’s dad was out of town, and that’s why Kelly had asked Susie to clean the bookshelf, otherwise Jeff’s dad wouldn’t have let anyone touch his books. Kelly looked up at Jeff, and she noticed him looking down at her cleavage. Susie was totally shocked, but she started understanding what really was going on between this dirty mother and perverted son.

As Susie was done with the book shelf, she started cleaning the table. Go and clean Jeff’s room,” Kelly ordered from the kitchen. Kelly smiled looking at Jeff, and guided Susie a little more on how to stroke a big hard cock. Jeff’s cock was hard like iron, and Susie had started enjoying feel it in her hands.

Jeff got on bed next to Susie, but first Kelly sucked Susie’s pussy.

As Kelly’s tongue moved around Susie’s wet pussy, she felt really good and arched back in pleasure.

Jeff also moved closer to the bed to take a look at Susie’s sweet pussy.

Jeff was slowly stroking his cock while looking at Susie’s pussy.

Susie again wrapped her soft lips around Jeff’s cock, and took it as deep as she could.

Certainly something we'll be exploring as we expand the Office Hours program.

Kelly had a twenty year-old maid, Susie, who was also in the house at the moment; she was cleaning the bookshelf in the living room.

Kelly had big boobs, nice big ass, black hair, and she was a big whore.

He was watching his mom making his maid totally naked.

“Such a beautiful pussy,” Kelly said making Susie spread her legs a little more, and then touching her pussy.

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